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We are a spot trading and content development company specifically focusing on providing a state of the art educational software solution to approved partners and resellers within the Forex, CFD, Commodities and Derivatives space. Based on the size and distribution strength of our partners, we are also able to offer white label and interface customisation solutions to our distributors.

The team who developed FX Course Pro ™ spent years planning, designing, developing and implementing what we believe to be one of the world’s best retail e-learning interactive course that can integrate perfectly the education arm of your business.

With over 18 developers, coupled with numerous professional traders with over 15 years’ experience and over 5 years (over 65 000 hours of manpower), the Forex Course Pro is the embedded powerhouse of technology focusing on the pinnacle knowledge of the trading essentials and price action trading. Further to this, there is an ever growing portfolio of content provided to every client remotely via automated updates.

To get the best feel for the product, there is no way better than to test drive it yourself by downloading the demo.