Full CMS Integration

The technology behind the course is designed to work hand in hand with a powerful, yet simple Database management system. The means that course is not static but rather dynamic. We are able to provide and push real time software and content updating, as well as dynamically track your progress in order to assist you at any given point in your journey.

100% Secure And Protected

Every element of the component within the course is secured and 128-bit encrypted providing safety and security not only for us, but for you as a paying student too who has invested into the system so that others cannot simply gain access via simply copying and sharing. The system has a built in tracking e-device to ensure that the system cannot be inserted or reinstalled onto multiple user computers.

Automated Personalised Graduation Certificate Of Completion

Any high quality course needs to ensure that you as a student get recognised for the work that you did to achieve completion. The graduation certificate can only be received once the initial core course Modules are completed, thereby offering them an opportunity to print and save your certificate of completion. The graduation certificate of completion differs from the SETA accreditation module in which you will be qualified once you complete the accreditation process.

Built In Trading Software And Calculators

Fully integrated contained learning experience, achieving a turnkey learning solution. Building on the strength of the Metatrader platform software as well as customised in house money management calculators, a student is provided with the most complete and rounded spot trading course tools available today.

Instantaneous Professional Trading Software Template Incorporation

Simply providing and performing comprehensive training on a trading platform is not enough. In order to achieve a fast accurate result, the masterminds behind the course and the technology spent years refining templates that are at the immediate disposal of students, allowing them to setup their platforms professionally in a matter of minutes. Having said this however, the knowledge provided gives any user the ability and control to customise their own setup with confidence as well as use any other platform other than Metatrader with ease.

Perfect Sequential Learning – Step By Step Skill Development

Having the best learning material in the industry is only half of the equation. Ensuring that that knowledge is dispensed in the correct and appropriate order is just as vital. The programme allows for offline and online monitoring and tracking and only allows you to move onto the next activity, phase or module one step at a time. In this way, a structured approach to the learning is achieved ensuring that the learning sequence is regulated and controlled.

Logical And Easy To Follow Curriculum That Is Ever Expanding

With state of the art technology integrated into the course, the progress of the course is easily tracked not only by you as the student, but by our team too. The content is also not static as the course has introduced a downloadable mechanism where new content, interface updates and weekly market forecast polls are available to all clients.

Demo Version Available

A customised demonstration version is available for you to check out the system with around 7% of the content available, giving you a good taste of the content and quality.

Direct Support Access Embedded Into The Software

Although the knowledge achieves an exceptional level of cognition for the novice and intermediate trader, there may nevertheless will always be support requirements. Not only does the course have built in quick references that include help guides, scenarios and glossaries, there is also a comprehensive support tab allowing users to amend their personal details, open accounts and contact support directly as well as live 24-hour live chat support.

Automated Additional Content Cloud Synchronisation

Following on from a comprehensive support facility, part of an on-going commitment to further push the boundaries of knowledge in financial trading, additional resources will allow you to benefit with on-going content that will be streamed and synced to ever expand the knowledge base with more advanced strategies, techniques and live trades.

Unique dynamic links and integrated customised HTML display

Although the course is built around your needs of learning, it has also been developed in such a way as to be all inclusive. By this we mean that with a built in integrated specialised HTML editor, all outside links and web requirements can be viewed directly in software, without the need to speculate or stress about finding any required resources by yourself. In essence – we hold your hand every step of the way!

Complete White Label Software And Packaging Solutions To Ensure A Uniquely Tailored Programme

Having the ability to represent a product that is uniquely yours is absolutely critical in remaining independent and growing your brand and value added perception in the market. The content material has been meticulously developed with a white label objective in mind and hence has no mention or reference to any broker, company or partner whatsoever.

The Graphical User Interface can be overlaid and transplanted with your unique company designs and logos.

Increase In Human Resource Efficiency And Reduction In Business Costs

If you are considering introducing education as part of your product suite and marketing strategy, the traditional method of face to face or even webinars can have an impact on the utilisation of capital and human resources. FX Course Pro is squarely aimed at solving these problems by simply putting the control into the client’s hand. Instead of spending more, we offer you the opportunity to actually make more!

Increase profitability and annuity income

Whether you are a novice with no experience in trading, or alternatively a seasoned trader that simply feels you are simply not cutting it in your abilities, our program and course offers the perfect solution to partner up with you to provide you with a real fighting chance of becoming a profitable trader in the long run.

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