Course Activities

The key differences that truly set the course apart

Full HD Video learning Format

50 hours of easy to follow, engaging, immersive and content rich videos having taken 3 years to complete is essentially a revolution in retail spot trading training. No more long wounded boring pdf reading. Trading is visual and so too should the content be. The videos leave a novice or intermediate trader wanting more and motivates a student to move onto the next level and more importantly to want to start trading and depositing.

Integrated world class practical theory interactions

Learning should be a dual pronged approach, being a reactive stage and a pro-active stage. The reactive stage is learning the theory in video format so that one can clearly understand a particular element of knowledge. Our system however takes the pro-active stage just as seriously and for every minute of theory video, there is a practical interaction lessons that truly re-affirms the knowledge while engaging the student into ensuring that every concept is understood in detail.

This is all done in within a very fun and relaxed digital atmosphere using the very latest in E-learning interaction and tracking technology.

Knowledge retention through world class Gamification

In any new environment there is naturally information that needs to be absorbed and retained. There is however very few better ways for adult education to achieve this result than through well thought out, fun and interactive games. Gamification has a proven track record to maintain interest and with over 60 uniquely tailored and developed games that FX Course Pro developers created, every student is assured to maintain motivation to learn the necessary information.

Further to this, an incentive mechanism has been applied to allow at the very end of the primary course to open up an entire section which consolidates the over 1200 questions and answers in a way that truly allows an excellent summary and revision just to round of the knowledge base.

Complete trading software simulation series

Understanding the basic theory of trading is only part of the success. Leveraging off the deep insight for tips, tricks, secrets as well as professionally setting up a trading platform is just as crucial.

As such, tremendous time and effort has gone into creating the worlds most advanced trading platform simulation series that aims to make any student a professional platform user in a short space of time. No other method can quite compare to generate this level of cognizance in learning to use a trading platform in such a short space of time.

Live Real market Trading scenarios in Flash mode

One key element that has always been illusive in any methodology of attempting to teach people see is to actually see live trade market movements in stages to explain each element of the decision making process. Flash mode TCI’s or Technical Chart Interpretations are the pinnacle of trading training technology that our developers painstakingly creating in flash by meticulously piece ‘one candle at a time’ out of real live market movements, to form a powerful summary to all the theory learnt.

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