Frequently Asked Questions

How is the skills programme presented ?

The programme is software programme that is installed on a windows based machine, typically by the client themselves. The system requires around 16 gigs of data available and the minimum spec of the machine has to be Windows 7 with at least 2 gigs of Ram, although higher Ram is advised.

I would like more details about the software protection?

Great lengths were taken to ensure that the program is non-piratable. Each piece of content is uniquely 128 bit encrypted using sophisticated on board per activity decryption technology and can only function with the authorised interface. Further to this, a unique licence key is issued per user that has multiple layers of in built security to ensure that it can only function on any given machine.

What type of software does a client require in order to have the software work successfully?

Good question. Coupled with the actual software installation, a client requires to have at least Microsoft .net Framework 4.5 as well as Adobe reader or some form of PDF Reader. These off-line installers are provided as part of the installation process to ensure a smooth installation and viewing experience.

If a client does need to move the programme to a different machine, how does this work?

Embedded inside the support section of the actual programme itself, is a ‘deregister’ function. A client can on their own accord send a submission to have their licence key deregistered. This then opens up the same licence key which can be used if the same machine is reformatted or the client requires the course to be installed on a new or another machine. It’s important to understand that the programme is a ‘1 licence per 1 computer per 1 client’ system. Each client can only ever have 1 licence and it can only ever be on 1 machine, reducing the ability for duplicate usability or pirating.

Should a client require 2 licence keys, they would have to purchase a second licence key.

In terms of the course progress, will the progress remain should a client migrate the programme to a different machine?

Yes, since the programme works on a progress tracking methodology, naturally if the client switches machines or reformats, once the licence key is deregistered, the cloud based CMS tracks and records the where the client was in terms of their progress and then maintains this progress once the programme is re-installed. This is provided however that the client went online.

Is the client required to be online for the entire duration of the programme?

No, the skills programme has been specifically created to make life easy for a user. There is only around 5% of the content that utilises links and online requirements, for example opening up a demo or live account or downloading software. For the rest, the client can be offline while using the system, however for additional content, interface and software updates as well as weekly reports the client would have to be online to benefit from acquiring these.

I heard there is an automated certificate of completion, how does this work?

As part of the motivation for completing the skills programme, it is true that there is a certificate of completion that is issued to a client at the end of completing all the content. This certificate only becomes available at the end and is downloaded with the client’s unique name as well as your brand. The client can then either save this, or alternatively print it and add a frame to frame it.

What is the main focus of the programme in terms of the type of Theory presented?

As part of the motivation for completing the skills programme, it is true that there is a certificate of completion that is issued to a client at the end of completing all the content. This certificate only becomes available at the end and is downloaded with the client’s unique name as well as your brand. The client can then either save this, or alternatively print it and add a frame to frame it.

The skills programme is very well rounded in terms of teaching how to use a trading platform, the basics of how trading functions and the mechanisms of spot trading itself. It then also places heavy emphasis on Technical analysis, specifically price action trading. The additional resources then starts to cover a number of additional topics, such as fundamental and sentiment analysis and various other types of strategies and any market related updates in terms of knowledge and technology.

How does the additional resources section work?

The additional resources is available to all clients, however the function is locked until the client completes the entire skills programme. This is done to avoid users watching more advanced content before they have completed the main programme itself.

I know the course is locked and only opened up per activity but can the course be fully opened?

Yes, under normal circumstances we prefer not to allow this, however for advanced traders as well as sale personnel that purchased the system, we are able to unlock the system fully so that the full module data is available from the very beginning. This is only done however via special request.

Can there be any installation complications for a client?

Under normal circumstance no, the installation only requires a bit of time to install because there is quite a bit of content. General the installation can take between 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the computer power of the user and the proficiency of the client. Provided the user follows the installation steps, there should be no issues. The only other problem that can occur is if the client is using a work machine which has very strict Firewall settings which can result in the communication between the FX Course Pro servers and the office server to be blocked. We have taken all steps to circumvent this as much as possible but sometimes the company’s policies are too strict.

How does the built in support system work inside the programme?

The skills programme itself is so well created, that very few questions are left unanswered within the programme itself. However naturally there are questions that arise from a client and the support section makes life very easy to address these. The customisation function includes customising your support email address, however any support question also gets blind copied to the support personnel of FX Course Pro who are able to facilitate answering and addressing the questions directly should it be desired and required.

How long does it take go through the programme?

This is a difficult question to answer however one that shines one of the major advantages of the program. Each client is completely unique and has different times and responsibilities in their lives. The programme therefore can fit into their schedule instead of the other way round. Typically however for an average working individual spending an hour or two a day on the programme, they can complete the programme within one month. If they place more energy and focus it can be done in 2 weeks, and if they are really busy it could take around 2 months.

Can the programme be loaded on multiple computers?

No, as the question was addressed in reference to security, the programme can only be loaded on one computer at a time with one licence key issued per user. It is also important to understand that the progress of the client is tracked directly on the client’s computer and hence even if he purchased 2 licence keys and viewed the course on 2 different machines, the progress of both programmes would inevitably be different. It is therefore important for a user to correctly install it on the most appropriate machine at the very beginning.

Can the program be run on a Mac?

No, because the programme work with a tremendous amount of practical flash applications, mac has stopped supporting this and hence it was not possible to create a .DMG installer to work correctly. There are however many clients who view the course on a mac, however they use virtual machine software such as ‘Parallels’ to run Windows and then the programme is installed in that way, so indirectly it is still available for Mac users.

Why is the program not available on I-pads and other tablets?

Although we use and love our IPad and tablets, the programme is very practical and only the video material would hypothetically be available for the IPad. Since the system teaches in depth platform training once would need to learn this on a notebook, laptop or desktop as the tablet platform software’s are currently very ‘light’ in functionality. Further to this, with 16 gigs of content is simply would not be viable to run on an iPad.

Can the program run of a flash disc?

No. The programme has to be installed directly onto the computer. Previously it was available to work directly on a flash disc, however to many problems occurred with users losing the flash keys as well as not having a pleasurable, smooth viewing experience as the programme utilises decryption/encryption technology and this does not work very efficiently running of flash drives.

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